Friday, January 28, 2011

true confection.

buttered icing cupcakes

chocolate flavor.

with wafer stick and chocolate.


Friday, January 21, 2011

fruity loops treats.

buttered icing cupcakes

chocolate flavor.

with fruity loops toppings


Thursday, January 20, 2011

salon cupcakes.

for a very good friends :)




hair iron.

chocolate cupcakes.

marshy fondant.


buttered icing.

mouth watering treats.

buttered icing cupcakes.

chocolate flavor.



I'm Maurize Peralta






A gift from God that I recieved this year, HICCUPS (my new adventure, my new loves, my new career, my new interest, my BUSINESS). Actually last year I planned to have my business but some matters were controlling my decision if I'll pursue it or not. Then this year It just poppedi my mind to have my own business then I thought of CUPPYCAKES. Aside from the fact the I really love baking. I'm curious of those customize cupcakes that I saw in the net.

Then mid-month of March, I spread the news that I'll be having my business. But I didn't take it seriously. Until late April, my soulmate texted me and ask for orders. I was shocked. I never expect that I'll be having my first order and take note MAJOR order about 20 mother cupcakes with heavy designs. What I did first, from my last birthday I recieved cash from my relatives so I keep it and use it as my capital. I research on cupcake recipes and how to make frosting and fondant. I started watching youtube videos on how to make fondant. Then I printed out different recipes and how to make different stuff about cupcakes.

Then another thing really bothers me. What is the name of business? I thought it for a week until one day I experienced that thing that I really hate. HICCUP! (as in sinok) Then I thought of it's english term hic-CUP then I remember CUP-cakes. CUP both words has this word, Then my thinking cap worked! I named my business HICCUPS sound unique, cool and extra-ordinary for my product. Coz If you'll hear my business name you won't think that I'm selling cupcakes hahaha! Does it makes sense?? hahaha So if people will hear my business name. (ano sinok???) then I'll answer (oo, sinok nga hahaha HICCUPS kasi CUPCAKES parehong CUP. hahahaha!! gets mo?) Then people will laugh at me and tell me (loka ka talaga dami mong naiisip hehehe) That's the magic of my creative minds.

Then I hit the grocery and bought baking stuff then that night I baked and make mini cupcakes and pllanned to bring it at school. I don't have any market but my classmate. I brought it at school by riding a BUS!!! as in BUS and I was standing half of the ride. Can you imagine that scenario??? hahahaha. Then, my classmate saw my cupcakes and they got interested then I was not that confident if they will like it or not. Then all of my 30 mini cupcakes--sold out yahoooo! Then I planned to create an acount on facebook for this one. Then I started posting photos of my cupcakes and I was so happy with the feedbacks.

Then I recieved lots of orders from friends and others who I really don't know. It came to the point that I have 4 to 5 deliveries per day. YEY! I never expected that people will embraced my business that fast.

I'm so blessed to have HICCUPS in my life. I'm not after the money that I'll be having through selling my cupcakes but what I really enjoy in this business, is when people would tell me that they really love my works, the compliments and good feedbacks from them that what really matters in my business. SELF-FULFILLMENT in my part coz even me, I don't expect myself did all of those stuff. It feels great when people acknowledge the one who makes those cupcakes. With the simple smile on their face when they saw my works. My heart really jumps for joy.